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When you are ready to Stop Smoking, We can help!

Our qualified, experienced Hypnotherapists have helped hundreds of people beat their addiction to cigarettes – and more recently nicotine replacement products such as Gum, Patches and E-Cigs.

No matter how long you have been addicted to nicotine, and whatever your reasons for giving up – Health, Money, Family, Work etc – and no matter what other methods you have tried previously, Hypnosis is the quick, simple, pain free answer. Imagine a relaxing hour sat in our comfortable treatment rooms, your eyes closed, as our consultant re-programs your mind. It really is that simple! 

Walk away from our clinic as a happy, healthy, confident non-smoker. The cost of treatment is less than an average smoker pays in a month for cigarettes. 

Smoking is an addiction, and like many addictions, the brain is fooled into believing it is being rewarded for a particular action. Take away the nicotine, and the smoker suffers psychological and physical withdrawl symptoms such as irratability, increased hunger etc. These reactions are controlled by the sub-concious mind, and by re-educating this stubborn, difficult to access part of the brain, the process of smoking cessation is quicker and painless.


Every client receives our specially recorded Smoking Cessation Audio CD / MP3 worth £97 FREE! – listen to our specially recorded, hypnosis reinforcement audio recording, complete with specific subliminal hypnotic commands, every two days for 1 month to reinforce the face to face session with our consultant.

Many Thanks for helping me quit smoking. After being addicted to nicotine for more than 30 years, smoking more than 20 a day, I had tried various other solutions, and failed everytime. My hypnosis session was amazing! One year on, I haven’t had another cigarette and feel so much better, and have more money left at the end of the month. I couldn’t have done it without you! – Mrs. J. M. – Hillingdon

Hypnosis is a proven method to help you stop smoking. No matter how many cigarettes you smoke, or how many times you’ve failed before, an hour’s session with Stop Smoking Hypnosis can help you beat the nicotine. Also suitable for those addicted to nicotine replacement products such as Gum, Patches and eCigs (Vaping).

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Other Services


Phobias are often defined as “irrational fears” – but we know that when you suffer from anxiety due to a percieved threat of danger, it is far from irrational to you! If you think you have a phobia of something unique – come and see us, Our sympathetic and experienced consultants will change your life, so that the fear no longer exists. 

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Whether you need some motivation and direction to lose a few pounds, or your weight has become a more serious issue, we can help. We offer two different weight loss solutions, each tailored to your specific needs. 

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London Hypnosis are experts in a range of solutions for the workplace. Our seminars can help your offices become more relaxed, stress-free, and a more pleasant place to work. The techniques we teach can also be taken out of the office, to make your colleagues’ lives more enriched and enjoyable during non-office hours. 

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“To Be a Winner, you must first Think Like a Winner” – and hypnosis can help you on that journey. Join the thousands of Sports Men and Women, and game players who have used hypnosis to achieve their dreams of a Gold Medal – from Professional Darts & Poker Players to Atheletes, Boxers and Football Teams. 

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