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Virtual Gastic Band

Developed by some of the leading experts in Hypnotherapy, Virtual Gastic Band Hypnosis (The Complete Mind Therapy Approach) is a weight loss program for those who have a severe obesity issue.

With effects similar to a surgical gastic band, a VGB limits the amount of food consumed, but without the invasive hospital procedure.

Under Hypnosis (rather than anaesthetic) you will be taken on a journey in your mind, of having a band fitted around your stomach, which will make your brain believe you are full and satisfied, with far less food.

To ensure your safety, there are various criteria (including a BMI check) that clients must fulfill and not all clients qualify for a Gastric Band, but this is easily checked during a free telephone consultation.

The Advantages of a Virtual Gastric Band

  • No Hospital Appointment
  • No Time off Work
  • No Invasive Surgical Proceedures, or the risks associated with infection etc.
  • The Fast and Pain Free Weight Loss Solution
  • Limit the Intake of Food whilst still feeling Full and Satisfied
  • Start seeing results immediately
  • Only four x 1 hour sessions in our comfortable consultaing rooms
  • Additional Motivational & Feel-Good Therapy
  • When you have reached your ideal weight, the gastric band “disolves”
  • Continued monitoring of your progress
  • Email and phone support throughout.